Project – Nautical Lane

Nautical Lane Project
This property had been on the market for over a year. When the homeowner changed realtors, Arrange the Change was contacted to get the home “market ready”. After the efforts of Arrange the Change, the home went under contract within three weeks and with multiple offers!

The living room was the first room as you entered the home. To create a more welcoming impression, Arrange the Change first decluttered the room, then added furniture and accessories.

By updating the bedding and accessories in this spare bedroom, a visitor could feel a warm welcome.

In this bedroom, Arrange the Change removed one of the beds, rearranged the remaining furniture, painted, and updated with accessories and new bedding.

Arrange the Change removed furniture and changed the outdated bedding, window treatments and accessories to give this bedroom the updated look it needed.

The master bedroom was decluttered, while new bedding and accessories helped to give the room an updated coastal style.

To continue with the coastal-style theme, the master bath was also painted a coastal blue. By updating the bath with new linens and accessories, it created a “spa-like” feel.


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