Creating a market ready home is the art of presenting an environment that buyers aspire to own.  It is the act of preparing residential property for sale by neutralizing & de-personalizing so more buyers can envision themselves living there. Preparing the property involves, all or part of, cleaning, de-cluttering, updating and repairing, among any other issues that need to be addressed in order to get the house sold in a timely fashion while maximizing the return on your investment.

Arrange the Change identifies areas within the home that need improvement prior to a potential buyer seeing the home and having a negative first impression. The reality is that home buyers walk through a home and go through the same mental checklist that we do. A house in market ready condition will stand out above the competition and bring in a quicker sale.

Our clients hire us to get their home “market ready” before listing for sale on the real estate market. A home that is ready to move into is more desirable to most buyers than one with a multitude of improvement projects to be tackled. Our market ready service helps a seller get their home fresh and current to appeal to today’s discerning buyer.


  • Redesign of Existing Furnishings (Staging)
  • De-Clutter & Organize
  • Cosmetic Updates & Repairs
  • Detailed Home Cleaning
  • Landscaping-Create Curb Appeal
  • Packing of Personal Belongings for Pick up or Shipping
  • Furniture Rental & Placement for Vacant Homes

Occupied home staging can include de-cluttering, de-personalizing, organizing and enhancing the rooms in your home. Space planning and furniture placement are key to maximizing your home’s square footage and traffic flow. Art and accessories pull the room together and provide the finishing touches. Furnished homes sell faster because furniture, art and accessories evoke an emotional response in buyers and enable them to visualize themselves in the house. Vacant homes provide a great opportunity to utilize our furniture rental and staging services to make an impression on potential buyers and create a model home feel.

Whether your home is owner occupied, vacant or has remained unsold for an extended period of time, Arrange the Change can assist you in maximizing the return on your home.

The investment IN staging your home will always be less than a price reduction ON your home!!