Certified in Real Estate Staging and Interior Redesign

Certified in Real Estate Staging and Interior Redesign

Arrange the Change can make your selling and moving experience LESS stressful. Our market ready professionals will be ready to give you advice on what items need to be addressed in order to properly prepare your home for sale.

Working within your budget, we will recommend where to invest your dollars for the best return. Our team of licensed & insured specialists perform the tasks specific to the make ready needs of your property. We arrange and manage the makeover project, creating your market ready home.

We work with your realtor as part of your selling team! Your realtor’s job is to market your home to potential buyers and our job is to get it ready for that process. In many cases, we are introduced through realtors because they know that getting your house market ready…WORKS!

Ideally, a home should be market ready before it is listed on the market. Realtors will verify that the most critical time for home selling is the first two weeks on the market. This is when you have the most amount of interest in your house. Although, you want to make sure your home looks its very best from the start so that buyers and their realtors can SEE, not just imagine, your home’s potential.


We will evaluate your home room by room, from a buyer’s perspective. With discriminating eyes, we gather the information needed to advise a homeowner on how best to invest their money to bring their home to market ready status. Remember, everyone has his or her own style. You’re not trying to impress with your particular brand of décor, instead you’re trying to present a simple, clean, attractive home that allows a potential buyer to see their family and their belongings in your home.

We consider some of the following:

  • What can be changed on the outside to entice the potential buyer to want to look further into the inside of your home?
  • Once a potential buyer is inside your home, what can be improved to highlight the homes assets?
  • Does the home need to be de-cluttered, organized & de-personalized?


After thoroughly assessing a home, we create a customized room by room design plan. Our suggested design improvements follow a simplistic style that will appeal to today’s discerning buyer. Arrange the Change makes recommendations on everything from paint choices to knowing when to replace or update items and knowing what stays and what should be packed away to lightly redesign your home for maximum impact. In staging the property, we will re-purpose and re-organize homeowner’s furnishings. If your home is vacant, it would be recommended to utilize our furniture rental service to decorate and stage your home.


Once the homeowner agrees to a plan to get their home market ready, an estimate with materials and labor costs will be provided. Our team of specialists will perform the tasks specific to the make ready needs of the property. We arrange and manage the makeover project, creating a market ready home. All recommended projects will show off the great qualities of a home and give the house that fresh, clean, updated appearance needed to grab the buyer at the door.