Arrange the Change will create A FRESH NEW LOOK for your home by artfully enhancing your home with the furnishings you already own. We redesign your furnishings and repurpose your belongings so that your home appeals to all potential buyers and sells quickly. Redesigning showcases your style and displays the things you already own in a new and unique way.


When the blessing of abundance has become the curse of clutter, it’s time to de-clutter. De-cluttering is simply getting rid of things that have no real benefit and take up space. Arrange the Change professionals will de-clutter your home offering space clearing and harmony while providing good traffic flow. Items removed from the home can be stored, sold, auctioned, disposed or donated to your charity of choice.

Once the excess items have been removed, we will begin organizing your closets, cabinets, all areas of your home and garage. We will create an environment that is clean, clutter-free and organized.


Our philosophy is to update only to the extent that buyers will feel they can be happy in the home for one year without any major renovations. Our licensed and insured handymen will work quickly and cost effectively to perform touch-ups, repairs and updates. This makes the investment in a new home much more palatable to buyers even if the updates aren’t exactly what the buyer wants.


We provide a top-to-bottom detailed cleaning of your home. This includes all rooms, appliances, light fixtures, windows, floors, molding, furniture, linens, window treatments and more.


The first “drive up” impression that a buyer has will encourage or discourage them to look inside.  Our landscaping professionals will create a front entry that is clean, welcoming and clutter free.  Services include, but are not limited to tree and shrub trimming or removal, flower bed cleaning, mulching and power washing services for deck or home.


Furnishings purchased through the years often don’t fit together or have simply become outdated. By utilizing rental furnishings, Arrange the Change can create a modern, yet neutral, atmosphere that lends a professional, upscale look to your property. For a vacant home, stylish furniture gives the buyer a sense of what the space can accomplish; creating a vision for the buyer of your home’s potential for their lifestyle. Remember, furniture used in home staging is a prop to help you sell your home. Whether we recommend renting furniture or re-purposing existing furniture, the goal is to establish a neutral look and help define the space and lifestyle of your home.


Arrange the Change understands with busy schedules you may not have the time required to pack personal belongings unnecessary for use in staging a market ready home. By having us pack for you, we take much of the time and stress out of your move.