“Arrange the Change made the difference in our ability to sell our house. Sharon has the “eye” that sees what works and what does not. She brought in the perfect compliments to our decor and eliminated items that simply didn’t fit. This was all done within our budget. I was very skeptical at first, never having used a stager/staging company, until I watched the magic happen each day. I was truly impressed and now a believer that a qualified professional stager makes a huge difference when trying to make a quick, prosperous sale. We would recommend Arrange the Change to anyone contemplating putting their home on the market.”

Joe G.
Ocean Pines, MD

“Arrange the Change was a real game changer for us in selling our house in Ocean City, MD. Sharon was responsive and helpful on many levels. She shared a lot of great ideas with us, had contractors provide prices, and worked with us to decide what to do to set the house up to show best. She stayed within budget and got everything done quickly. There’s no doubt her work helped us sell our house more quickly and for more money. All that and an absolute pleasure to deal with!”

Steven Hubberman
Tysons Corner, VA

“When I decided to sell my vacation home and HGTV Beachfront Bargain Hunt contacted me about televising, I knew I needed to hire a consultant to assist. Sharon, and her team at Arrange the Change, was amazing. Her planning, attention to detail and execution was flawless. I appreciate her professionalism and tireless efforts in staging my home to make it “market ready”. Thanks Sharon!”

Bill W.

“I had the pleasure of working with Sharon Knowles, owner of Arrange the Change and Space Redefined & Services. My home had become unbearable for any visitors and quite frankly for myself to continue to live under the conditions that I had gotten myself into. I had to admit to myself that I was struggling to take care of my home and pets. Everything became so overwhelming for me and the smallest task became major.

I had met Sharon through the Chamber of Commerce of Ocean Pines. Much time had passed before I got up my nerve to call her. Finally in February 2016, I texted Sharon on a Sunday evening around 10 p.m. I basically told her my situation and that I needed help. The next day, Sharon and I met so she could assess my situation. While Sharon was doing a walk-through of my house, I sat on the porch and cried because I was so embarrassed that things had gotten so out of hand. Sharon approached me on the porch and was extremely compassionate, empathetic and genuinely caring.

Sharon immediately developed a plan for me to have repairs done, clothes organized, and the accumulation of unneeded stuff removed from my home. This was a joint effort and never did I feel any pressure or negativity from her. One of the wonderful things about Sharon is that she acts quickly and will arrange for the removal of furniture, collectibles, trash, clothes, etc. She usually takes the salvageable items to a charity of your choice.

This process made it so easy for me since I was already struggling to take care of my home and had let things get so far behind. Sharon had me pretty well organized within a couple of weeks, so we could then begin the home repairs. Due to pet damage, I needed all new flooring, painting, cleaning, etc. Sharon and her crew arranged all of this for me and made certain that all repairs were on a schedule and completed to my satisfaction – in a timely manner. Everything was done to perfection and I got my life back, thanks to Sharon’s direction and recommendations. I never once felt judged or ridiculed for my neglect.

If your situation is anything like what happened to me, I highly recommend contacting Sharon Knowles.”

Ocean Pines, MD

“After my father’s death, we had to quickly get his house on the market. I had met briefly with Sharon who gave us advice on decluttering and rearranging various items that would be more enticing to potential buyers.

We put the house on the market and waited. And, waited. No buyers!

After five months, I re-contacted Sharon as we were finally ready to move forward with some staging help and eager to get the house sold. We were worried about the expense but outlined our budget with Sharon and she stuck to it. Her crew was in and out in 10 days and the house was transformed.

Better yet, the house SOLD within the next month!

I had never heard about Arrange the Change, but I highly recommend Sharon/Arrange the Change. It really made a difference for us!”

Kristin West
Salisbury, MD

“My father moved from his home into an assisted living facility leaving a primary residence in Ocean City and a second residence in Salisbury vacant. Both homes were more than 35 years old and had not been significantly updated since being built. The Salisbury home had also not been lived in for over 15 years and was suffering from effects of being vacant for a very long time.

I engaged Arrange the Change and Sharon Knowles to help with the disposition of both properties. Living in North Carolina, it was not possible for me to spend the incredible amount of time required to clean out both homes, dispose of personal property and ready them for sale. I relied on Sharon to take the lead and she performed admirably.

Our approach in Salisbury was to clear out the furnishings and clutter (and there was a lot), make only required repairs, and thoroughly clean the home from top to bottom, including some mold removal in order to sell the house ‘as-is’. Sharon coordinated all of this and was in constant communication with me regarding how and where to dispose of furnishings, some of which were kept, some auctioned, many donated, and quite a few disposed of outright. The process worked very smoothly and the house was made ready for market in short order.

“Once listed, the home sold within 10 days.”

Steve Jones
Cornelius, NC

“I am the guardian for my dad who has Alzheimer’s Disease. I recently found myself in the position of having to sell my dad’s house. I do not live in the area so I asked my real estate agent for some assistance. She referred me to Arrange the Change and Sharon Knowles.

 You can only imagine the nightmare this job of clearing out 20 years worth of accumulation would have been without helping hands, caring hearts and expertise in making the house look wonderful, all due to Sharon and her knowledgeable team. I consider ATC truly a Godsend! They got right to work assessing the situation and reporting to me what they thought needed to be done. Sharon and her team repaired some minor issues while they took no time at all de-cluttering, house cleaning from top to bottom and making the house look its very best for marketing. Sharon kept in close contact with me throughout the entire process – emailing pictures, phoning me as the various individual projects got underway and when they were finished. The entire process took 4 days; it would have taken me 4 months since I live out of town and the traveling back and forth would have been difficult. There is also the emotional strain it would have taken on me not knowing local contacts for charity giving, or whom to hire from where for any given job.

I am ever so thankful to ATC for their hard work, their dedication, and that they went above and beyond fixing my dad’s house up as if it were their own. They are truly professionals on every level and I would most certainly use them again in the future, if I had a need, and would also recommend them to any of my family or friends without hesitation.”

Joann Sachs

“If you are looking for a company that will take complete charge of a situation that needs either cleaning, organizing, de-cluttering, cleaning out closets, kitchens, attics, garage or yard clean up – look no further.

I am a real estate agent in Ocean City, MD. I recently listed a home in the surrounding area that had been vacant for almost two years. When I first viewed the home I had no idea of how I was going to get this home cleaned out, cleaned up, and reorganized inside and out to get ready to market it for sale. The thought of trying to organize some type of plan to get all this work accomplished was a bit overwhelming.

I was introduced to Arrange the Change through a business associate. I met with Sharon Knowles at the house and she began to offer services that I had no idea where available in my area. Sharon and I worked together to come up with a plan to clean up, de-clutter, organize, paint, repair, landscape and the list goes on and on. With the help from Sharon and her team, this house was put back in order and listed for sale within two weeks of our meeting.

When I saw what Arrange the Change had accomplished, I was amazed. It did not look like the same house I was in two weeks prior. Therefore, you are probably asking yourself, did the house sell?

Yes, the house sold in less than 60 days!

This would not have been possible without the assistance from Arrange the Change. They did such a great job for me in my business I have now hired them to help me get more organized.”

Marcy Thiele – Real Estate Agent
Ocean City, MD